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Emotional Ninja - Mastering Emotions

Learning to work with, and listen to, your emotions means you can tap into the wisdom inside of you. Knowing what your intuition is trying to tell you through your emotions allows you to change how you respond to people and situations. Change your responses and you can:

  • Turn challenging relationships into life enhancing ones
  • Transform family tensions into harmony
  • Resolve work conflicts into productive cooperation 
  • Defuse  overwhelming anxiety, depression or worry. 

In this short ebook you can learn how to work with your emotions and decode the message they are sending you to live a more joyful life. Sign up below and get your free copy today.

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Who am I?


Susan Scott is a counselor and professional leadership coach specializing in helping women tame the emotional chaos in life to uncover the truth of who you really are and live as the Real You. She is an expert in cognitive motivation (a fancy term for knowing what makes people tick!) an author, speaker and veteran homeschool mom. Susan has written 3 books and is a featured writer for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.